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Austin's Best Neighborhoods

The 78704 zip code of Austin Texas is home to some of the best neighborhoods in the city. Not only is it just south of the river from downtown, it’s also conveniently situated with easy access to both MOPAC and I35. Learn more about all the great neighborhoods that rest along side Zilker and get your homes value estimate today. 

78704 Home Values

The values of Austin’s 78704 real estate are can be easily estimated with our home value tool. The homes in this area of Austin are as diverse as the neighborhoods which comprise this popular zip code. With an ever-changing central Texas real estate market it’s always important to get the most accurate home estimate from a local Realtor who is familiar with your specific neighborhood.

Austin's 78704 Neighborhoods

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Barton Hills

Get your Barton Hills neighborhood home value.

Bouldin Creek

Get your Bouldin Creek neighborhood home value.

South Lamar

Get your South Lamar neighborhood home value.


Get your Galindo neighborhood home value.


Get your Dawson neighborhood home value.

Travis Heights

Get your Travis Heights neighborhood home value.

St. Edwards

Get your St. Edwards neighborhood home value.

South River City

Get your South River City neighborhood home value.

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